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Resource Record Summary

Catalog Service:
The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

Short name: NED_near_IAUname
IVOA Identifier: ivo://ned.ipac/Basic_Data_Near_IAU_NamePublisher: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
More Info: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/help/object_help.html#byiau
VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Status: active
Registered: 2005 Oct 14 01:46:00Z


NED service to search for objects Near an IAU-formatted (coordinate based) name: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) provides a comprehensive fusion of multi-wavelength data for hundreds of millions of objects located beyond the Milky Way galaxy. This service searches NED's master list of astronomical objects for entries near an object having an IAU-style positional name. There are two interpreters for the IAU-style positional names: - one uses a strict interpretation of the IAU conventions; - the other is more liberal in its assumptions concerning rounding and truncation of positional names.

More About this Resource

About the Resource Providers

This section describes who is responsible for this resource

Publisher: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

STScI Archivearchive@stsci.edu

Contact Information:
X Olga Pevunova
Email: olga at ipac.caltech.edu

Status of This Resource

This section provides some status information: the resource version, availability, and relevant dates.

Version: n/a
Availability: This is an active resource.
  • This service apparently provides only public data

This resource was registered on: 2005 Oct 14 01:46:00Z
This resource description was last updated on: 2015 Aug 01 00:03:00Z

What This Resource is About

This section describes what the resource is, what it contains, and how it might be relevant.

Resource Class: CatalogService
This resource is a service that provides access to catalog data. You can extract data from the catalog by issuing a query, and the matching data is returned as a table.
Resource type keywords:
  • Archive
  • Catalog
  • Survey
  • Bibliography
  • Journal
  • Education
  • Outreach
  • EPOResource
  • BasicData
  • Historical
Subject keywords: none provided
Intended audience or use:
  • University: This resource provides information appropriate for use in university education.
  • Research: This resource provides information appropriate for supporting scientific research.
  • Amateur: This resource provides information of interest to amateur astronomers.
More Info: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/help/object_help.html#byiau

Available Service Interfaces

Custom Service

This is service that does not comply with any IVOA standard but instead provides access to special capabilities specific to this resource.

VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Available endpoints for this service interface:
  • URL-based interface: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/objsearch?search_type=IAU+Search&of=xml_main&iau_name=1234-123&radius=7&
    • This interface supports the following arguments:
      search_type [required]
      Search Type - IAU+Search
      Value Type: string
      iau_name [required]
      IAU Object Name, example:
      Value Type: string
      in_csys [optional]
      Input Coordinate System
      Value Type: string
      in_equinox [optional]
      Input Equinox
      Value Type: string
      radius [optional]
      Search radius
      Value Type: real
      z_constraint [optional]
      Constraint on z
      Value Type: string
      z_value1 [optional]
      z lower limit
      Value Type: real
      z_value2 [optional]
      z upper limit
      Value Type: real
      z_unit [optional]
      Units for z
      Value Type: string
      ot_include [optional]
      Include data types in output - ANY ot ALL of in_objtypes1 parameter
      Value Type: string
      in_objtypes1 [optional]
      Object types to inlude in output
      Value Type: string
      ex_objtypes1 [optional]
      Object types to exclude from output
      Value Type: string
      nmp_op [optional]
      Operation for including or excluding name prefixes - ANY, ALL, NON, or NOT
      Value Type: string
      name_prefix1 [optional]
      Name Prefix to include or exclude
      Value Type: string
      out_csys [optional]
      Output Coordinate System
      Value Type: string
      out_equinox [optional]
      Ouput Equinox
      Value Type: string
      obj_sort [optional]
      How to sort objects
      Value Type: string
      zv_breaker [optional]
      Lower limit on velocity
      Value Type: real
      Unit: km/s
      list_limit [optional]
      Upper limit on number of records to return full descriptions
      Value Type: integer
      img_stamp [optional]
      Display preview image?
      Value Type: boolean
      of [required]
      Output format parameter, must be "xml_main" for VOTable output.
      Value Type: string

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