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Resource Record Summary

Catalog Service:
NEDThe NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

Short name: NED_derived
IVOA Identifier: ivo://ned.ipac/Derived_Values_For_ObjectPublisher: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
More Info: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/help/objresult_help.html
VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Status: active
Registered: 2007 Jul 26 23:22:21Z


NED service to retrieve Quantities Derived from Redshift for a named object: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) provides a comprehensive fusion of multi-wavelength data for hundreds of millions of objects located beyond the Milky Way galaxy. This service retrieves quantities derived from redshift for a named object. The following quantities are provided: - Calculated and corrected velocities: Heliocentric, Kinematic LSR, Galactocentric GSR, Local Group, 3K CMB, Virgo Infall, Virgo plus Great Attractor, Virgo + Great Attractor + Shapley Concentration - Hubble flow distance and distance modulus: applying the same corrections noted above, the Hubble distance in Mpc and the distance modulus in (m - M) magnitude units are provided - Scale at Hubble flow distance: applying the same corrections noted above, the scale is provided in units of pc/arcsec, kpc/arcsec, kpc/arcmin, and Mpc/degree - Cosmology-corrected quantities: Luminosity Distance [Mpc], Angular-Size Distance [Mpc], Co-Moving Radial Distance [Mpc], Co-Moving Tangential Distance [Mpc], Co-Moving Volume [Gpc^3], Light Travel-Time [Gyr], Age at Redshift (of the object) [Gyr], Age of Universe [Gyr], Scale (Cosmology Corrected) [pc/arcsec,kpc/arcsec,kpc/arcmin,Mpc/degree], Surface Brightness Dimming [Flux Density per Unit Area, Mag per Unit Area]

More About this Resource

About the Resource Providers

This section describes who is responsible for this resource

Publisher: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

STScI Archivearchive@stsci.edu

Contact Information:
X Olga Pevunova
Email: olga at ipac.caltech.edu

Status of This Resource

This section provides some status information: the resource version, availability, and relevant dates.

Version: n/a
Availability: This is an active resource.
  • This service apparently provides only public data

This resource was registered on: 2007 Jul 26 23:22:21Z
This resource description was last updated on: 2015 Aug 05 19:21:00Z

What This Resource is About

This section describes what the resource is, what it contains, and how it might be relevant.

Resource Class: CatalogService
This resource is a service that provides access to catalog data. You can extract data from the catalog by issuing a query, and the matching data is returned as a table.
Resource type keywords:
  • Archive
  • Catalog
  • Survey
  • Bibliography
  • Journal
  • Education
  • Outreach
  • EPOResource
  • BasicData
  • Historical
Subject keywords: none provided
Intended audience or use:
  • University: This resource provides information appropriate for use in university education.
  • Research: This resource provides information appropriate for supporting scientific research.
More Info: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/help/objresult_help.html

Available Service Interfaces

Custom Service

This is service that does not comply with any IVOA standard but instead provides access to special capabilities specific to this resource.

VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Available endpoints for this service interface:
  • URL-based interface: http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/objsearch?of=xml_derved&objname=n1&
    • This interface supports the following arguments:
      of [required]
      Output Format for Table of Derived Velocities, Distances and Scales, based on redshift for the Object = xml_derved
      Value Type: string
      objname [required]
      Object Name, example: ngc1234
      Value Type: string

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