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Data Service:
The GAVO ADQL Course

http://vo.ari.uni-heidelberg.de/docs/GavoTiny.png[Logo URL]
Short name: GAVO ADQL course
IVOA Identifier: ivo://org.gavo.dc/misc/adqlcoursePublisher: The GAVO DC team
More Info: http://docs.g-vo.org/adql/html/
VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Status: active
Registered: 2012 Nov 05 14:26:00Z


A short course on the VO's SQL-like query language, the Astronomical Data Query Language. It also covers basic operation of some TAP user agents. It is available as a multipage HTML rendering for online perusal as well as a one-file PDF.

More About this Resource

About the Resource Providers

This section describes who is responsible for this resource

Publisher: The GAVO DC team

Creator: GAVO Data Center

Contact Information:
X GAVO Data Center Team
Email: gavo at ari.uni-heidelberg.de
Address: Mönchhofstrasse 12-14
D-69120 Heidelberg

Status of This Resource

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Version: n/a
Availability: This is an active resource.
  • This service provides only public data.
Relevant dates for this Resource:
  • Updated: 2015 Jul 14 07:48:08

This resource was registered on: 2012 Nov 05 14:26:00Z
This resource description was last updated on: 2015 Jul 14 07:48:08Z

What This Resource is About

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Resource Class: DataService
This resource is a service that provides access to data.
Resource type keywords:
  • Education
Subject keywords:
  • Virtual observatory
  • ADQL
Intended audience or use:
  • Research: This resource provides information appropriate for supporting scientific research.
  • University: This resource provides information appropriate for use in university education.
  • Amateur: This resource provides information of interest to amateur astronomers.
More Info: http://docs.g-vo.org/adql/html/

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Available Service Interfaces

Custom Service

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VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
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