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The NAVO Directory is an interface for finding data collections and catalogs by searching their descriptions. The Directory search interface queries an underlying 'registry', or database of descriptive metadata about collections and catalogs. The underlying Directory has access to the metadata of every registry in the IVOA as well as locally managed information. The web portal has been developed to provide direct search access for the scientific, student, or casual user, and programmatic search capabilities are also available for interoperability with other research tools. A publishing interface is also offered for the local management of information about a user's own data collections and catalogs; registering the resource's descriptive metadata with this interface allows the catalogs to be immediately searched by the directory and other tools within the NAVO Portal.

Search FAQ

What can I enter in the search box?
  • Enter any text in the "Find Astronomical Data Resources" search box to retrieve all resources in the directory which contain your text. You may enter a partial title, description, identifier, or any data element in the resource as described below. You do not need to surround multiple-word queries with quotes. For example, far ultraviolet will return all resources containing those words together.
  • How do I sort my results?
  • Sort results by column by clicking on the column header. You can toggle the sort order (ascending or descending) by clicking on the same column header again.
  • How do I display or hide more information about the returned resources?
  • To hide or display columns of resource data, select a cut-off column from the list below your results. Alternatively, the left and right arrow column headers will subtract and add columns one at a time in your results display.
  • Too many resources were returned. How do I further filter my results?
  • Filter results by column by entering text and wildcard characters in the text box under the column header and clicking on "Apply Filter". For example, when finding resources with optical-waveband data (by searching on Optical), you can filter for data from HEASARC by entering HEASARC in the "publisher" text box, and clicking "Apply Filter". Filtering is case-insensitive.
  • By default, your term for filtering will return partial matches as if your term were surrounded by wildcard (*) characters. To require an exact match, surround your filtering term with double or single quotes. Thus, to only return records with GALEX as the full short name, you could enter "GALEX" or 'GALEX' in the filtering text box under the column for "short name". If you include any wildcards (*) in your filtering term, the filter will assume you otherwise require an exact match in the text. Therefore GALEX* would return all results that begin with GALEX
  • To clear all of your current search filtering terms, click "Clear Filter".
  • In what formats can I save my results?
  • Resource lists can be saved as .CSV files, or as XML VOTables. Each resource will be included in its entirety, even if certain columns are not displayed on the webpage.
  • How do I save my results?
  • You can save your results in .CSV or XML VOTable format by selecting your save options from the drop-down to the left above the table of your results, and then hitting the "save" button next to it. There exist options for saving all results, filtered results, or specifically selected results. You can select specific results to be saved by marking the checkbox in the rightmost column of the results you wish to save. Resources on multiple pages of results can be selected by this method. To then save your selected results, use "Save Selected as CSV" or "Save Selected as VOTable".

  • Registering a Resource in the Directory

    You can publish your resources locally to the VO registry at STScI (the underlying database) and your data will be automatically circulated to the other VO repositories and immediately available for searching via the Directory.

    Developed with the support of the National Science Foundation
    under Cooperative Agreement AST0122449 with the Johns Hopkins University
    The NAVO project is a member of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance

    This application is hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute

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