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Directory Interface XML Web Services

Below you can find the link to the latest Directory Interface services to perform all operations programmatically. These services provide programmatic access to the functionality on this web site with more to come soon:



Brief Description of Services



VOTable-based Directory Interface

Provides basic access to Directory resource metadata in VOTable format.



SOAP-based OAI Interface

Open Archives Initiatives service



Standard OAI Interface

Open Archives Initiatives standard services


Standard Search Interface

Registry Standard SOAP / ADQL Search



Directory Administration and Harvesting

  • Directory Local Administrative web service. This service can be used for direct DB query individual records and other administrative functionality. Caution: this service is not supported for external interfaces.
  • Directory Harvester Administration web service. This service can be used to find the source registries of resources and harvest individual resources or registries outside of the normal automated process.
  • Directory RofR Harvester Reporting web page. This gives a report of individual registries currently or formerly listed in the IVOA Registry of Registries and the status of the last attempted automated harvest of each.

Documentation for Services

Web Services General Resources

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