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Catalog Service:
Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI)

Short name: KOI CS
IVOA Identifier: ivo://archive.stsci.edu/kepler_koiPublisher: Space Telescope Science Institute Archive ivo://archive.stsci.edu/stsci-arc[Pub. ID]
More Info: http://archive.stsci.edu/kepler/
VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Status: active
Registered: 2017 Jun 08 15:49:32Z


Launched in 2009, the Kepler Mission is surveying a region of our galaxy to determine what fraction of stars in our galaxy have planets and measure the size distribution of those exoplanets. Although Kepler completed its primary mission to determine the fraction of stars that have planets in 2013, it is continuing the search, using a more limited survey mode, under the new name K2. KOI is the Kepler Objects of Interest catalog listing observed Kepler targets which are flagged as potentially having exoplanets but may be false positives caused by other types of transient detection. This catalog is produced by the Kepler project and brought to MAST via NExScI.

More About this Resource

About the Resource Providers

This section describes who is responsible for this resource

Publisher: Space Telescope Science Institute Archive ivo://archive.stsci.edu/stsci-arc[Pub. ID]

Kepler ProjectMAST

Contact Information:
X Randy Thompson
Email: archive at stsci.edu

Status of This Resource

This section provides some status information: the resource version, availability, and relevant dates.

Version: n/a
Availability: This is an active resource.
  • This service apparently provides only public data

This resource was registered on: 2017 Jun 08 15:49:32Z
This resource description was last updated on: 2020 Feb 12 19:51:12Z

What This Resource is About

This section describes what the resource is, what it contains, and how it might be relevant.

Resource Class: CatalogService
This resource is a service that provides access to catalog data. You can extract data from the catalog by issuing a query, and the matching data is returned as a table.
Resource type keywords:
  • Archive
Subject keywords:
  • Observational astronomy
  • Exoplanet astronomy
  • Stars
  • Galaxies
  • Exoplanets
  • Variable stars
Intended audience or use:
  • Research: This resource provides information appropriate for supporting scientific research.
More Info: http://archive.stsci.edu/kepler/

Data Coverage Information

This section describes the data's coverage over the sky, frequency, and time.

Wavebands covered:

  • Optical

Available Service Interfaces

Simple Cone SearchXXSearch Me

This is a standard IVOA service that takes as input a position in the sky and a radius and returns catalog records with positions within that radius.

VO Compliance: Level 2: This is a VO-compliant resource.
Available endpoints for the standard interface:
  • http://archive.stsci.edu/kepler/koi/search.php?X(version compatible)
Maximum search radius accepted: 180 degrees
Maximum number of matching records returned:
This service will ignore the VERB input parameter.

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